Collaboration Information

Closet Confessions is a new plus size blog that is gaining new readers from all over the world. Only started in January 2011, Closet Confessions is gaining pace in promoting positive body image, all while giving it’s readers a mix of the life and fashion of Caitlin Bradley.

Closet Confessions is looking for opportunities to collaborate with businesses, products and websites that promote positive lifestyles, images and everything wonderful about being a plus size lady. If you believe your product, service or website could be in some form similar to any of these ideals, then please do not hesitate to contact Caitlin. All products, services and websites will be researched and assessed wether appropriate for this blog.

If you would like a product or website reviewed or mentioned on this blog, please contact Caitlin from Closet Confessions at the following email address: Please contact us by email prior to asking for other forms of correspondence.

We look forward to talking to you soon,
Caitlin from Closet Confessions.


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